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Dear friends,

Diplo is currently running a call for applications for three thematic
courses in Internet governance: Privacy and Personal Data Protection, ICT
Policy and Strategic Planning, and Infrastructure and Critical Internet
Resources. You can read more about the courses from the links below. If you
have already benefited from the courses, please share the call with others
who can benefit from them.

Many thanks, and all the best,


PS. If you have recently emailed me or ig at diplomacy.edu but have not
received a reply, kindly email us again, as we have had email problems (now
resolved). Thanks!
Stephanie Borg Psaila

Call for applications: Thematic courses in Internet governance

Diplo is currently running an open call for applications for the following
courses, which form part of the Thematic Phase of the Internet Governance
Capacity Building Programme <http://www.diplomacy.edu/courses/IGCBP>:


   Privacy and Personal Data
into the details of many of the global and local discussions
   surrounding privacy, the main instruments dealing with data protection and
   information privacy, their effects on national and regional regulations,
   emerging privacy issues such as anonymous expression, social networks, and
   cloud computing, the risks and challenges related to cybersecurity
   concerns, and the roles that companies play in the privacy protection

   ICT Policy and Strategic
in-depth discussion of national ICT policies and strategies,
   development, implementation and management, e-readiness assessment and
   benchmarking, including the analysis of case studies.

   ICT Infrastructure and Critical Internet Resources
topics and issues related to infrastructure and CIRs, including
   infrastructure development, connection costs, regulatory frameworks, IP
   protocols, network neutrality, the domain name system (DNS), and the roles
   of the main actors. <http://www.diplomacy.edu/courses/IGCBP-Adv-Privacy>


Dates: The courses are conducted online over a period of ten weeks,
starting on 22 July, and include one week of classroom orientation, eight
weeks of dynamic class content, discussion and activities, and one week for
the final assignment.

Structure: Reading materials and tools for online interaction are provided
through Diplo’s award-winning online classrooms. Each week, participants
read and discuss the provided lecture texts through hypertext entries; the
tutor and other participants read and respond to these entries, creating
interaction based on the lecture texts. During the week, participants
complete additional online activities (e.g. further discussion via blogs or
forums or quizzes). At the end of the week, participants and tutors meet
for an online chat session. Courses are based on a collaborative approach
to learning, involving a high level of interaction. The course materials,
the e-learning platform, and the working language of the course is English.

Who can benefit? We encourage the following to apply:


   Officials in government ministries, departments, or institutions dealing
   with Information Society, Internet and ICT-related policy issues (e.g.
   telecommunications, education, foreign affairs, justice);

   Researchers, academic, and postgraduate students in the IG field (e.g.
   in telecommunications, electrical engineering, law, economics, development

   Civil society activists in the IG and Information Society fields;

   Journalists covering IG issues; and

   Individuals in Internet business-related fields (e.g. ISPs, software

Requirements: The course is flexible, yet intensive. Applicants are
required to have:


   IG knowledge and/or experience of the multistakeholder approach in
   international affairs, together with basic knowledge of the Internet

   Either completed the course Introduction to Internet Governance, or have
   basic knowledge of Internet governance, and privacy (for applicants for the
   Privacy course) or infrastructure (for applicants of the Infrastructure

   Sufficient ability in the English language to undertake postgraduate
   level studies (including reading academic texts, discussing complex
   concepts with other course participants, and submitting written essay

   Regular access to the Internet (dial-up connection is sufficient,
   although broadband is preferable);

   A minimum of 7-8 hours commitment per week, and the readiness to
   participate in class online sessions (once a week at specified times).

Fees and Scholarships: The enrolment fee for each course is €600. A limited
number of partial scholarships (maximum 20%) will be offered to
participants from developing and emerging countries. Participants who would
like to apply for financial assistance must upload a CV and a motivation
letter when applying.

Join us! Apply by 1 July 2013 by completing the application form for the
appropriate course: http://learn.diplomacy.edu/registration/events.php

For more information about each course, click on the links above, or e-mail
us at ig at diplomacy.edu.

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