[A2k] Marrakech Treaty for the Blind

Alfredo Scafati alfredoscafati at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 26 14:59:42 PDT 2013

Dear all:
What a good news!!
>From Uruguay I send my congrats to everybody that participate in the Conference and specially to WBU Chris Friend, Pablo Lecuona, Jimmy Love, Thiru and my friend Luis Villarroel.
Since 2006  the first time I participated as delegate of Uruguay at WIPO SCCR and Development Agenda, I talked about the relation between Human Rights, Children's rights and Intellectual Property rights ; I am sure that many people thought I made a mistake and I should be participating in Palais Wilson at Children Committee; but not, that was the right place, and over and over again I repeat the same speech, the same words, the necessary balance between copyrights holder, and the right of men, women and children to access to knowledge. Limitations and Exception to copyright was a way to make it real.And the document WIPO-SCCR 16/2 signed in 2008  by Brasil, Chile, Nicaragua and Uruguay was about L&E for disable people, libraries and education.

Early in march 2009 the Copyright Office of Uruguay supports the proposal of WBU about a TVI treaty.
In may 2009 the Copyright Council of Uruguay, Innovarte, WBU, and KEI organize a regional meeting to explain why was necessary the treaty.
In 2010 IFLA, Innovarte and Copyright Council of Uruguay we have a seminar in Montevideo, where IFLA introduce from the first time, their proposal on a L&E to copyright Treaty for Libraries, Archives and research institution
In may 2011 we had a regional meeting with ULAC in Montevideo in the R2R campaign.
After many years, many SCCR, regional meetings around the world, today it´s real, there is a treaty for the blind people, and it is a very important progress in the field of human rights.
The next Treaty: L&E for Libraries, Archives and Research Institutions!
This has been a great achievement, but we still have a long way to go.
With sadness for not being there with you, but happy with the result.
Alfredo Scafati
Attorney at Law – Human Rights and IPR
Former President Copyright Council of Uruguay

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> Great news for access to knowledge!   Congratulations and well done to everyone who worked so hard to make this happen!
> See: http://www.africanlii.org/blogs/denise/copyright-a2k-issues-26-june-2013
> Regards
> Denise
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> Well done all of you. Your hardwork has not been in vain.
> S
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> Treaty for the Blind and Print Disabled Signed! 6.24.13, Celebration! - YouTube
> How they reacted when agreement
> reached on the WIPO Marrakesh treaty for
> the blind.
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyjONedOwwY
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