[A2k] Supreme Court Hears Oral Arguments in First Sale Doctrine Case (Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons)

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Very comprehensive analysis of Kirtsaeng v. John Wiley & Sons (Parallel
Importation Case) by my colleague Krista Cox See:

The US Supreme Court has decided to apply International Exhaustion and this
should have an impact on what the US is pushing for (or against) in trade
agreements, right?

The United States is currently negotiating a large free trade agreement
between eleven countries, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
In a leaked text, it was revealed that the United States proposed a ban on
parallel importation despite the fact that the question of whether
international or national exhaustion applied to copyrighted goods was
unsettled in the United States. The Supreme Court has now resolved the case
in the favor of permitting parallel importation, but the question remains
of whether the USTR will continue to push for provisions that are contrary
to current U.S. law. There are several areas where the U.S. proposal goes
beyond the requirements of current U.S. statutory or case law, or treads on
controversial areas.

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