[A2k] Internet Bug Bounty program

"Gérald Sédrati-Dinet (Gibus)" gibus at april.org
Thu Nov 7 11:41:58 PST 2013

Le 07/11/2013 17:46, Jamie Love a écrit :
> KEI and others are encouraging governments to create prize funds to induce
> open source innovations for medical technologies.  This is an interesting
> example of the use of innovation prizes in a related field: software.  Jamie
> Now there’s a bug bounty program for the whole Internet
> Sponsored by Microsoft and Facebook, program pays researchers big cash
> rewards.

Maybe my opinion is biased by my French/European culture, where public
goods are usually funded by States and much less by private sponsor.

But I find quite stupid for a researcher to work in a program sponsored
by Microsoft and Facebook. These companies are among the main opponents
to freedoms and values we are defending. Why would we help them to debug
their shity software which are actually a threat to freedoms? In
exchange for a big cash reward?

Sorry I just don't understand why Jamie and Dan Goodin are promoting a
program to improve Internet Explorer or Flash.

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