[A2k] Derechos Digitales analysis of TPP IP chapter

Claudio Ruiz claudio at derechosdigitales.org
Wed Nov 13 09:37:22 PST 2013

Hello colleagues,

Hereby you will find legal and political analysis around the TPP leak made by Wikileaks by today in Spanish made by Derechos Digitales team. Please spread it as you wish.

All you need to know about the TPP. (Claudio Ruiz)

The TPP will increase costs and increase the ineffectiveness of the criminal system. (Alberto Cerda)

The TPP is a renegotiation of the FTA with the United States. (Francisco Vera)

The IP chapter of the TPP: controversies persist. (Juan Carlos Lara)

Analysis TPP: copyright protection terms. (Juan Carlos Lara).

Analysis TPP: Technological Protection Measures. (Juan Carlos Lara)

TPP Analysis: New importing right. (Juan Carlos Lara)

TPP Analysis: Civil measures and civil compensations. (Juan Carlos Lara)

The TPP will diminish the protection of privacy on the Internet. (Alberto Cerda)

Best, — Claudio

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