[A2k] French lawmakers : from being spied on to blurred policies

Frederic Couchet fcouchet at april.org
Fri Nov 22 12:47:58 PST 2013


French lawmakers : from being spied on to blurred policies

Paris, 21 November 2013. Press release.

On Thursday, 21 November, the French digital newspaper Mediapart
published an article on unauthorized access to the e-mails of some
European Union lawmakers. Besides showing how weakly the security is
implemented in e-mail servers of the European Parliament, this article
denounces a lack of awareness among policy makers as regards the
strategic and political importance of choosing the right IT office
tools. April calls on the policy makers to seriously address the issue.

Notwithstanding recent revelations on the Prism scandal and the mass
surveillance carried out by the NSA with help from some proprietary
software publishers, none of the previous technical choices seems about
to be reconsidered, whether at the European Parliament or in France.

The article points out that the security of Microsoft products and their
use by public institutions have long been questionned by NGOs like
April, as well as by experts. For instance, Mediapart interviewed Éric
Filiol, an IT security specialist and former DGSE cryptoanalyst, who
sums this up nicely: “Picking Microsoft is just like handing the keys
over to the Americans.”

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