[A2k] Broad coalition of NGOs are asking PTO for extension re green paper comments

Manon Ress manon.ress at keionline.org
Fri Oct 4 08:31:58 PDT 2013

October 4, 2013

 VIA Electronic Mail (hollis.robinson at uspto.gov)

Ms. Hollis Robinson Office of Policy and External Affairs United States
Patent and Trademark Office Madison Building 600 Dulany Street Alexandria,
VA 22314  Re: Docket No.: 130927852-3852-01 (Request for Comments on
Department of Commerce Green Paper, Copyright Policy, Creativity, and
Innovation in the Digital Economy)

  Dear Ms. Robinson:

The undersigned organizations, representing Internet communications and
technology companies, public interest organizations, and library
associations, respectfully urge the United States Patent and Trademark
Office to extend its timeline identified in its request for comments and
public hearing in the above-referenced docket.

The request for comments was published on the NTIA’s website on the evening
of September 30 and was not published in the Federal Register until the
morning of October 3, 2013.  It provides that comments are due on or before
November 13, 2013, but it also indicates that comments must be received by
October 15, 2013 to be considered in the discussions in a public meeting,
which is scheduled for October 30, 2013.

Each of the items identified for consideration is complex and capable of
generating substantial discussion.  Many organizations will be interested
in commenting on all 5 topics.  Asking stakeholders to provide comments
within two weeks on each of the 5 different aspects of copyright law is

Consequently, we respectfully request the notice to extend its deadlines so
that the initial comments are due no earlier than November 15, the public
hearing scheduled no earlier than November 30, and the final comments due
no earlier than December 15.

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


American Library Association

Association of Research Libraries

The Berkeley Digital Library Copyright Project

Center for Democracy & Technology

Computer and Communications Industry Association

Consumer Electronics Association

Electronic Frontier Foundation

Engine Advocacy

Future of Music Coalition

Internet Commerce Coalition

The Internet Association

Knowledge Ecology International

New Media Rights

Organization for Transformative Works

Public Knowledge


Manon Ress, Ph.D.
Knowledge Ecology International, KEI
manon.ress at keionline.org, tel.: +1 202 332 2670

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