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On the techno-l list, this Intellectual Property Coach is looking for
examples of how paying is better than free for encouraging use of knowledge
or technology.

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One of the paradoxes of academic licensing to me has always been the issue
that, at times, charging royalties will actually be more likely to get an
innovation into commercial use.

Stated another way:

A professor publishes her innovation in an article in an academic journal.
Even though that innovation is usually free to use, almost no commercial
entities ever make use of the 'free' innovation.

On the other hand, when a similar innovation is licensed, commercial
entities are much more likely to want to use it. Even when it is no longer
'free' but they need to pay something for it.

I am looking for anecdotes in any environmental area where you have found
this to be the case.

Real stories such as the following hypothetical would be appreciated: the
software to measure pollutants was originally posted on a university
website for downloading with very few downloads. However, when we started
charging for it, 3 major companies licensed the software  for inclusion
into their own processes.

Any pointers to such stories on websites would also be appreciated.

Cheers to all!

Marcel D. Mongeon, Intellectual Property Coach
Mongeon Consulting Inc.
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