[A2k] SIGN ONTO Principles: Application of Human Rights to Communications Surveillance

Katitza Rodriguez katitza at eff.org
Tue Sep 3 14:50:46 PDT 2013

**Please send your organisation?s signature to rights at eff.org
before 3pm EST / 8pm GMT on September 15, 2013.**

The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Access and Privacy International
along with the Association for Progressive Communications, Human Rights
Watch, Article 19, Reporters Without Borders, Center for Internet and
Society India and several scholars and NGOS around the world are
requesting your organisation's signature on the following International
Principles on the Application of Human Rights to Communications
Surveillance. The Principles are geared towards
re-asserting what it means to protect privacy and associated human
rights in light of increasing state surveillance capacities:

While work on the Principles began one year ago, well before the recent
stories about sweeping surveillance by security services broke
worldwide, they could not be more timely. Our intention is to use these
principles to hold governments accountable, to pressure them towards
effective oversight and transparency, and to enact safeguards against
unchecked surveillance such as the NSA spying program.

The Principles include requirements that surveillance law ensure all
interceptions be legal, and for a legitimate purpose; necessary,
proportionate and adequate; be overseen by a competent judicial
authority; include transparency, notifications to the individual, public
oversight and due process, protect the integrity of communication
systems, and include human rights safeguards against illegitimate access
and the misuse of co-operation procedures between States.

The Principles have already been co-signed by over 220 organisations
from around the world, and have been translated in more than 25
languages. We're still looking for more translations, especially in
Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia, Bengali, and Japanese. Please send an e-mail
to rights at eff.org if you can help with translations.

We're happy to answer questions about the Principles or provide more
information, so please contact us at rights at eff.org. If you would like
to know more about the Principles and their significance, please see
more information below, including links to background information.

Best regards,

Katitza Rodriguez, EFF International Rights Director
Fabiola Carrion, Policy Counsel, AccessNow
Carly Nyst, Head of International Advocacy, Privacy International

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Privacy Against Mass Surveillance

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The principles can be found in full in 25 languages at

The full text of the Principles in:

Spanish - Principios Internacionales sobre la Aplicación de los Derechos
Humanos a la Vigilancia de las Comunicaciones
https://es.necessaryandproportionate.org/text (Sumario:

French - Principes internationaux pour le respect des droits de l'homme
dans le contexte de la surveillance des communications

https://fr.necessaryandproportionate.org/node/197 (Sommaire:

Russian - https://ru.necessaryandproportionate.org/text

Arabic - ????? ????? ?????? ???? ??????? ???? ?????

Portuguese: Princípios Internacionais sobre a Aplicação Dos Direitos
Humanos na Vigilância Das Comunicações

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