[A2k] IP-Watch on Program and Budget Committee discussions of the Marrakesh Treaty and the TIGAR project

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Implementation of Marrakesh Treaty

In June, WIPO members successfully negotiated the “Marrakesh Treaty to
Improve Access to Published Works for Persons who are Blind, Visually
Impaired, or otherwise Print Disabled.” This offers copyright exceptions
and limitations.

The Development Agenda Group said on 10 September that* *the newly adopted
treaty was not given enough attention in the first version of the Program
and Budget. Some changes were made, said the delegate of Brazil speaking on
behalf of the DAG, but insufficient.

The delegate proposed to add language in paragraph 3.13 (implementation
strategy) on a multi-stakeholder foundation including the beneficiaries of
the treaty, authorised entities, member states and right holders.

The suggested changes are meant to ensure that the implementation of the
treaty will receive adequate resources and to “clarify that the TIGAR
Project and the Marrakesh Treaty are two different initiatives,” he said.

The Trusted Intermediary Global Accessible Resources (TIGAR
is a project of a Stakeholders’ Platform which was initially created in the
context of the discussions in the WIPO Standing Committee on Copyright and
Related Rights (SCCR) on access to copyrighted books in special formats for
visually-impaired persons.

The two initiatives have two different perspectives, said the Brazilian
delegate. One is based on a licensing model and is voluntary, while the
other is a binding treaty (yet to gain enough ratifications to be
enforced). There is no mandate approved by member states to incorporate the
TIGAR Project in the Marrakesh Treaty, the delegate said.

The Stakeholders’ Platform includes WIPO and a number of organisations
representing authors and publishers, as well as visually impaired persons.
The World Blind Union, which was part of the Platform suspended its
participation in 2011 (*IPW*, WIPO, 10 March

A number of member states shared the concerns of the DAG, including Egypt,
Guatemala and Mexico.

Dan Pescod, who led the World Blind Union’s (WBU) European campaign for the
treaty told*Intellectual Property Watch* that the WBU will look again at
its suspension from the Stakeholders’ Platform to be held on 11 November
at a Stakeholders’ Platform meeting being organised by WIPO

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