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Dear a2k community,

below is a CfP for a panel on the emergence of IP as a policy field at next year’s IPSA conference in Montreal.
Please submit paper abstract if your are interested, and I would be grateful if you could distribute the call among potentially interested colleagues.

Kind regards
Sebastian Haunss


Call for Papers:

Intellectual Property – The Emergence of a Policy Field

Panel at the 23rd IPSA World Congress of Political Science
19-24 July 2014, Montreal
Panel Chairs: Sebastian Haunss & Jeanette Hofmann

Intellectual property today holds a prominent position as an important and highly salient political issue. It is on the agenda of almost every meeting that addresses international trade issues, plays an important role in discussion about internet regulation, has led to the emergence of new political parties on the domestic level, and is high on the agenda of top-level political meetings like the G8 or G20. This was not always the case. Less than 20 years ago intellectual property was an issue relevant only to a limited number of experts. It was mainly addressed as “industrial property” and regulation was generally developed in an expertocratic mode of decision-making. What we have seen since the mid 1990s is the emergence of a new policy field – complete with new actors, institutions, and interpretive frames, and driven by the rapid expansion of the internet and the growing digitization of information.
In this panel we want to invite papers that explore how intellectual property has been established as a distinct policy field. We are interested in contributions that
• address the process of politicization of intellectual property,
• explore the nexus between the emergence of this policy field and the transformation of industrial societies to knowledge and/or information societies,
We invite empirical case studies, comparisons and theoretical contributions that embed the emergence of this policy field in more general theories about regime development or policy change.

Please submit paper proposals directly at the IPSA website: http://ipsa.org/events/congress/montreal2014/submit-abstractpaper-proposal
Upon clicking one of the submission links, you will be prompted to create a free IPSA website account if you are not an IPSA member. Please submit your paper to "RC51 International Political Economy" and mention the IP panel.

Deadline to submit paper proposals: October 7, 2013

Please also email your abstract to the panel chairs Sebastian Haunss <sebastian.haunss at sfb597.uni-bremen.de> and Jeanette Hofmann <jeanette at wzb.eu>


PD Dr. Sebastian Haunss
SfB 597 - Transformations of the State
Universität Bremen
Linzer Str. 9a
28359 Bremen
T: +49-(0)421-218-56654

Recently published:
• Conflicts in the Knowledge Society. The Contentious Politics of Intellectual Property, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (http://www.cambridge.org/catalogue/catalogue.asp?isbn=9781107036420)
• (with Nacim Ghanbari et. al.): Was sind Medien kollektiver Intelligenz? Eine Diskussion, Zeitschrift für Medienwissenschaft 8(1): 145–155.
• Enforcement vs. access: wrestling with intellectual property on the internet”, Internet Policy Review (June 3, 2013), [http://policyreview.info/articles/analysis/enforcement-vs-access-wrestling-intellectual-property-internet]

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