[A2k] Sep 26 event: The Law and Economics of Copyright Users Rights

Michael Palmedo mpalmedo at wcl.american.edu
Fri Sep 13 08:31:55 PDT 2013

On September 26, AUWCL's Program on Information Justice and Intellectual
Property will hold a public conference on The Law and Economics of
Copyright Users Rights. It will serve as a launch of an
interdisciplinary project to conduct empirical research on the effects
of flexibility in copyright law, including both the effects on consumer
welfare and on innovation in the technology and creative industries.


The project will be led by faculty at the Law School and the Economics
Department at American University, who will work with a small core of
academics from around the world to gain a better understanding of how
the structure of copyright limitations and exceptions affect industries,
firms, and consumers.  Our research will involve empirical work with
data currently available, as well as the production of new data through
surveys in countries where the structure of copyright law has changed.
The surveys will produce panel data across countries and sectors for
researchers seeking to explain how changes in the copyright regime
affect individual and institutional consumers' use and access to


The event on September 26 will bring together top scholars in economics
and law. The first panel will review the empirical scholarship on the
relationship between copyright limitations and exceptions and social and
economic development and discuss new avenues for research that would
improve our public understanding of the issue. The second part of the
event will feature a roundtable discussion with regional copyright
academics about the need for empirical evidence to promote balanced
policy-making in regions where copyright reform initiatives are
underway. The event will end with a keynote address by Sunil Abraham
from the Center for Internet and Society on the relation between
intellectual property flexibility and innovation in the
telecommunications sector in India.


The Law and Economics of Copyright Users Rights is free and open to the
public. For the agenda, participant bios, and webcast, please see the
conference webpage.






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