[A2k] Buccafusco & Sprigman: how creators value their work

Manon Ress manon.ress at keionline.org
Mon Sep 23 13:29:42 PDT 2013

Does copyright law work?
New and ongoing empirical research suggests: not always
By Sarah Laskow


 “Our data revealed that Authors valued their work more than twice as high
as Bidders ($20.05 versus $9.21),” Buccafusco and Sprigman wrote. Another
experiment involved having painters, owners, and potential buyers of
artworks value paintings up for a $100 prize. On average, the painters
valued their work at $74.53, the owners at $40.67, and the buyers at $17.88.

The takeaway, for Buccafusco and Sprigman, is that markets for creative
work are not nearly as efficient as IP law assumes—and that the argument
that more protection is needed to ensure innovation might not be quite
right. “

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