[A2k] India's statement at WIPO Assemblies on norm setting regime on technology transfer and patents/innovation

Ahmed Abdel Latif aabdellatif at ictsd.ch
Wed Sep 25 07:27:45 PDT 2013

"The objective of the TRIPS Agreement was that the protection and enforcement of IPRs should contribute to transfer and dissemination of technology. However, while states are mandated to protect intellectual property, transfer of technology at the industrial level is largely ungoverned. It is therefore desirable to have a norm setting regime on technology transfer which will provide some structure and enable better governance of technology transfer between parties. We recommend that WIPO, which is a UN agency mandated to promote IP as a means  to achieve economic development, includes this issue as a part of its norm setting agenda."

Increasingly, manufacturing has to become innovation based. To ensure this, high technology patents need to be incentivised. The patent regime should promote concentration on genuine research and development rather than patent litigation and defensive acquisition of patents."

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