[A2k] Evolving Copyright and the Relationship With the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)

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Sun Sep 29 20:40:20 PDT 2013

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I. Parallel Importation
II. Copyright Terms
III. Technological Protection Measures
IV. Fair Use
V. Marrakesh Treaty
VI. Libraries, Archives and Museums
VII. Statutory Damages
VIII. Orphan Works

For purposes of this blog, I focus on the evolution of copyright law and
discussions regarding copyright reform (focusing largely on the U.S.
context) from the start of the TPP negotiations to the present and how
these changes relate to the U.S. proposals for the TPP (which are based on
the leaked chapter from March 2011; admittedly, those proposals could be
outdated and there may have been changes to the text or U.S. positions in
this time period, but because of the complete lack of transparency in the
negotiations, it is all that can be relied on). There have been increasing
calls for copyright reform which have resulted in testimony by the Register
of Copyright and a call for the "Next Great Copyright Act," the Copyright
Principles Project, hearings before the House Judiciary Committee, a USPTO
"green paper," and bills being proposed in Congress, not to mention the
numerous court cases involving copyright issues. This blog in many ways
updates the copyright section of KEI's August 2011 paper on Inconsistencies
Between the USTR Proposal for the TPP and Current U.S. Law.

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