[A2k] SCCR27: Asia Pacific Group outlines its position on the broadcast treaty and copyright L&Es

Thiru Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Tue Apr 29 04:23:21 PDT 2014


The Republic of Korea delivered the following statement outlining the
position of the Asia Pacific Group (a large and diverse group of Member
States including but not limited to Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Iran, the
Republic of Korea and Singapore).

Asia Pacific Group Statement for SCCR 27- final

Thank you Mr. Chairman

Good morning dear colleagues.

Mr. Chairman,

I have the honour to deliver this statement on behalf of Asia Pacific group.

Mr. Chairman,

The Members of the Asia Pacific group are very happy to see that you are
ably guiding the developments in the SCCR. We are confident that your
efforts and wisdom would carry us through to another successful session of
this important committee. We further take this opportunity to thank the
Secretariat for all the logistics provided and the documents prepared.

Mr. Chairman,

Of late SCCR has been the place for some remarkable achievements. First in
Beijing and then in Marrakech, we have manifested our united determination
that intellectual property would serve the causes of creativity as well as
of humanity. However, we need to sustain the momentum of the same dynamism,
promise and compromise that enabled us to reach successful consensus last

Mr. Chairman,

Regarding the proposed WIPO treaty on protection of broadcasting
organizations, the Asia Pacific Group reaffirms its commitment to the
signal based approach towards developing an international treaty for the
protection of broadcasting organizations as per the 2007 General Assembly
mandate which was agreed during the 22nd session of the SCCR. We thank all
the regional groups and Member delegations for the textual and conceptual
contributions and welcome their proposals. We believe that based on the
working documents and different proposals, we will have meaningful
technical consultations to settle the outstanding issues in finalization of
the scope of protection for broadcasting organizations in this current
session. Our discussion will also provide us with more meaningful and
profound understanding of the changed broadcasting scenario caused by the
advancement of technology.

Mr. Chairman,

The agenda of SCCR has given us the opportunity once again to be able to
contribute substantially in the areas of limitations and exceptions to
copyright and move forward towards a more balanced and efficient
international copyright system for the benefit of right holders as well as
for the common men. Libraries, archives and other educational and research
institutions are blessings of our civilization and culture. So we should
take into account our broader social and development context when we
discuss and decide about IP rights and protection about libraries, archives
and other educational and research institutions. The advancement in the
digital technology also had a huge impact on the mode and nature of
activities of these important institutions of our society. And disabled
persons are our common responsibility. Nobody questions our overdue
obligation that we owe to them. So to find effective and expeditious
solutions to all the topics and outstanding issues and to ensure access to
educational and information materials and guarantee sustainable rational
access to copyrighted works by the persons in real need of assistance, many
Member States of our group have the position of requiring the development
of a comprehensive and inclusive framework on exceptions and limitations
for libraries and archives, educational and research institutions and for
persons with other disabilities.

Mr. Chairman,

The Members of the Asia Pacific group will remain constructively engaged in
all future negotiations and we assure you our all-out support in carrying
out your responsibilities in this Committee.

Thanking you once again.

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