[A2k] Good link for EU consultation on copyrigh (deadline is March 5)

Manon Ress manon.ress at keionline.org
Wed Feb 5 07:44:24 PST 2014

Let's fix EU Copyright!  deadline for comments is 5 March 2014.

David Hammerstein writes: "The European Commission is conducting a public
consultation on the future of copyright in the EU.  Very important
questions are being considered about the sharing of content, the role of
libraries, text and data mining, open access and open scientific data,
 orphan works, access to formats for persons with disabilities, user
generated content and cross-border content, among other issues that affect
our daily lives in the digital sphere. It would be very worthwhile for
consumer organizations to take part in this consultation that will be open
until the beginning of March, 2014."

The European Commission is thinking about the future of copyright in the
EU, and your input can push them into the right direction.

Select one or more categories below that best describe you - this will lead
you to the questions that are most relevant to your activities.
Alternatively, if you are brave enough, have a look at all 80 consultation
questions! You do not have to fill out everything and can skip questions if
you want to.

[for example]
 I'm an online user who shares pictures, watches videos, buys media online,
 I'm a parent worrying about whether what my kids do online will get them
(and me) into trouble
 I'm a teacher, academic or researcher
 I'm a freelancer, entrepreneur or businessperson
 I'm a librarian or active in the cultural heritage area
 I'm creating content as a blogger and produce remixes of protected material
 I'm a disabled user trying to access or adapt content in formats that I
can actually use
 I'm a rightsholder that would like to benefit from new forms of

Please note this website is not from the European Commission.

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