[A2k] Another helpful link to help with the EU copyright consultation (extended to March 5)

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Thanks Markus!

Nothing is easier nor more fun than responding to this EU RFC on copyright (
presented here in another great website :


So, please enjoy...the possibilities and send your answers (you do not need
to respond to all the questions nor be a copyright experts):

The European Commission wants to hear your opinion on copyright reform. The
aim of this site is to make it easier for you to respond to the official EU
consultation by filtering out the questions that do not relate to you
directly. Together we can make our opinions and experiences heard!

One more thing: You can answer the question in any of the 24 official
European languages you are comfortable with!

Which of these problems have you encountered with copyright in the EU?

YouTube videos are not available/playable in my country
I am confused about legality of sharing images on Facebook, Tumblr, etc
I copy, share, download or stream copyright protected content or would like
to and therefore feel criminalized.
I could not freely use media I bought because of DRM. In fact I had less
control and freedom of the media than I would have in offline/analog world.
I have spent a lot of money on digital music tracks and books, but I cannot
sell the ones I no longer want / need.
Certain media was not available for me to buy in my country and/or a
website I wanted to use was blocked in my country
I don't dare to make a remix because of fear of repercussions
I am confused about legality of subtitling, translating or converting media
My fan fiction or fan art might be illegal
My content was copied without my permission
My web service has been confronted with takedown notices and complaints
because of potential copyright infringement.
When I travel to another member state, I am unsure how local copyright laws
differ from at home
I am confused about legality of filesharing/torrenting and/or I have even
gotten in trouble because of filesharing/torrenting
I have found that copyright enforcement puts the interests of rightholders
above those of citizens.
I am confused about legality of sharing links to content under copyright
I feel like copyright duration is excessively long
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