[A2k] e-books lending system in Dutch libraries

Manon Ress manon.ress at keionline.org
Fri Feb 7 11:44:42 PST 2014

Dutch libraries introduce new lending system for e-books
Author: Marjolein van der Heide - 21-01-2014


>From today, members of Dutch libraries can lend and read 5000 e-books on
their tablets, mobile phones, computers or e-readers. The e-books are
secured in such a way that they become unreadable after 3 weeks.

In other countries, e-books are usually treated as normal books: libraries
have a certain number of e-books in stock and these stocks may run out.
However, in the Netherlands, publishers get paid per borrowed e-book, there
is no stock. For books older than 3 years, they get 36 cents every time a
book is borrowed. For books between 3 and 4 years old, this is 24 cents and
for books older than 4 years, it's 12 cents per borrowed book. For normal
books, publishers always receive 12 cents, regardless the age of the
borrowed book. Therefore, it is advantageous for publishers to participate
in the new lending system. At the moment, two large and several smaller
publishers already participate.

In the summer of 2013, Dutch libraries already experimented with an app
that offered users 55 e-books to read during the summer holidays. This app
was a large success and was downloaded more than a half million times.

Till april, people who are already member of a library can lend e-books for
free. After april, lending e-books older than 3 years will remain free. For
newer books, members will have to pay 20 euros to gain access to 18 e-books.

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