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Manon Ress manon.ress at keionline.org
Tue Feb 18 06:48:59 PST 2014

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 Last Friday a proposal to amend the current copyright law in Spain has
been sent to be approved by Spanish government.

 The main news are the following:

 - A Google Tax to be applied to all news and content aggregator which
presumably will have to be payed by Google News but also Reddit stile webs,
being Menamen.net the most popular one in Spain. This fee will be mandatory
to any online newspaper, off line newspaper but presumably also for blogs
and even creative commons licensed ones as it cannot be waived.

 - Private copy, a copyright exception in Spanish authorship law, is again
redefined to be left in it's minimum expression. The only legal private
copies will be the ones made of original bought items and those made from
open broadcasted content (TV, radio) and only for self enjoying.

 - Sites linking unauthorized download of contents will be pursued by the
administration, not judges even stronger and harder as those links turn to
be illegal under this changes.

 The proposal still might get some minor or cosmetic changes until approved.


Mario Pena (CBDO)


Phone Europe: (+34): 606 974 812

Phone USA: (+1) (415) 787-3185

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