[A2k] Bloomberg: Musk Applies Contrarian Style to Patents to Boost Tesla

Erik Josefsson erik.hjalmar.josefsson at gmail.com
Fri Jun 13 05:04:46 PDT 2014

On 06/13/2014 11:28 AM, Thiru Balasubramaniam wrote:
> Patents are a trade-off that give companies the right to block others from
> using a specific technology in exchange for making the idea public so
> others can analyze and build on it.

Since making the idea public is a prerequisite for the enforcement of
the right to block others from using the idea, it is clear that there is
no "trade-off" between publication and enforcement.

The definition of "trade-off" is

   "a balance achieved between two desirable but incompatible features"

There is no balance between publication and enforcement, it's a
one-to-one relationship.

That said, it is true that some people desire to have a monopoly on
undisclosed ideas. At least we know that there is a desire for unlimited
enforcement of infringements of broad and unclear patents :-)

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