[A2k] SCCR27 EIFL statement on retracted and withdrawn works

Teresa Hackett teresa.hackett at eifl.net
Thu May 1 09:00:05 PDT 2014


27th Session: Geneva, 28 April – 2 May 2014

Agenda item 6: Limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives

Topic 7 Retracted and withdrawn works

I am speaking on behalf of Electronic Information for Libraries
(EIFL). We thank the African Group, Ecuador and India for proposals on
this topic.

Libraries and archives have a mission to preserve the public record
for posterity. In the analogue environment, exhaustion to the
distribution right ensured the operation of this function. In the
digital environment, there are no such safeguards.

This provision would provide an exception to the communication to the
public right for the purposes of preserving, and providing a permanent
record of a digital work that has been removed from the public realm,
for example, due to plagiarism, or because the author has changed
their views on a subject.

Libraries and archives have a societal duty to ensure that the public
record is intact. If libraries and archives cannot do this in the
electronic environment, no one else is caring for it. Future
historians and researchers will be at a loss because a complete and
accurate public record cannot be guaranteed

The electronic environment is global, so we need a global solution.

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