[A2k] WIPO General Assembly 2014: Asia Pacific Group charts its position on Broadcast Treaty, Design Law Treaty and copyright L&Es

Thiru Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Mon Sep 22 03:56:55 PDT 2014


On Monday, 22 September 2014, Bangladesh delivered the following statement
on behalf of the Asia Pacific Group. Here below is the Group's position on
WIPO's normative work including copyright limitations and exceptions for
libraries and archives, copyright limitations and exceptions for
educational and research institutions and persons with other disabilities,
the proposed Design Law Treaty, the proposed broadcasting treaty and
proposed instruments for the protection of genetic resources, traditional
knowledge and traditional cultural expressions.

Regarding the other normative agenda of the Organization, we are of the
view that considerable progress has been made in the three texts on GRs, TK
and TCEs. We hope to tie the loose ends of all the texts so that we can
have a diplomatic conference in near future. In this respect we will
support the initiative of the facilitator Mr. Ian Goss with a view to
finalize the text(s) of an international legal instrument(s) for effective
protection of GRs, TK and TCEs.

The adoption of Beijing and Marrakesh Treaties are still fresh in our mind
and we also look forward to push forward the discussions on Limitations and
exceptions for Educational, Teaching and Research Institutions and Persons
with other disabilities, and Limitations and exceptions for libraries and
archives. We are similarly encouraged by the progress being made on the
Broadcasting Treaty and hope that the text will soon be mature enough for a
consensus decision for adoption on a signal-based approach in the
traditional sense. The facilitator Mr. Martin Moscoso is a proven hand and
we pledge our all-out support to him.

The Group also notes the progress made in respect of the negotiations on
the Draft Design Law Treaty and we think that we are very close to a
consensus. However, as all our Members are developing countries and LDCs,
we emphasis having the legally-binding provision of technical assistance
and capacity building in the treaty text. We are ready to engage
constructively to find out a solution to this issue and hope that all
others will show reasonable flexibility in this regard.


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