[A2k] WIPO General Assembly 2014: Opening statement of the United States broaches IGC, broadcasting treaty and copyright L&Es

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WIPO General Assembly 2014: Opening statement of the United States broaches
IGC, broadcasting treaty and copyright L&Es

Submitted by thiru <http://keionline.org/user/6> on 22. September 2014 -

On Monday, 22 September 2014, Ambassador Pamela Hamamoto delivered this
opening statement on behalf of the United States at the 2014 WIPO General

Ten years on from the launch of the Development Agenda by Argentina and
Brazil in 2004, the Obama administration expressed the following views on
the Development Agenda:

I would like to recall that WIPO’s role as spelled out in the WIPO
Convention is “to promote the protection of IP”. This objective has not
been changed by the Development Agenda (DA). Instead, the DA was intended
“to ensure that development considerations form an integral part of WIPO’s
work”, not to obstruct such work.

On the work of the SCCR, the US noted,

The United States also welcomes progress being made in discussions of the
proposed Broadcasting Treaty and we will continue to engage constructively
in these discussions. We also favor work aimed at developing shared
principles and objectives and improving national limitations and exceptions
for libraries and archives as well as educational and research institutions
and for persons with other disabilities. We do not, however, support
binding norm-setting in these areas.

With respect to the work of the IGC, the US stated,

Regarding discussions in the Intergovernmental Committee on IP and Genetic
Resources, Traditional Knowledge, and Folklore (IGC), we are willing to
continue the discussions next year. Despite the diligent efforts of the
IGC, including the Chair, his vice chairs and facilitators, it is
abundantly clear that Members are far from agreement on even the most
fundamental provisions in the draft texts. In fact, there are over 300
brackets in the three draft texts indicating a complete lack of maturity of
all three.

Madame Chair, the United States would like to reiterate its long-held
position that consideration of a Diplomatic Conference on the IGC texts is
premature, and therefore we oppose any General Assembly decision that would
set any specific timeframe or date for a Diplomatic Conference on any of
the three IGC draft texts.

On the work of the Lisbon Union (of which the US is not a member) to revise
the Lisbon Agreement to include geographical indications, the US adumbrated
its intentions for the WIPO Coordination Committee,

The United States has asked that an agenda item at this week’s Coordination
Committee meeting provide for the opportunity for that relevant governing
body to provide advice to the Lisbon Union Assembly regarding the convening
of a Diplomatic Conference for the adoption of a revised Lisbon Agreement
on Appellations of Origin and Geographical Indications in 2015. We look
forward to further discussions on this issue with the Secretariat and
Member States when we address that agenda item this week.

For the full intervention, please see: http://keionline.org/node/2087

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