[A2k] WIPO CDIP 15: Statement of Brazil on evaluation of the Project on Open Collaborative Projects and IP-Based Models

Thiru Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Tue Apr 21 03:11:45 PDT 2015



Thank you, Mr Chairman

We thank Mr Keller for presenting the evaluation of the Project on Open
Collaborative Projects and IP-Based Models, in document CDIP/15/3. This
project was conceived to respond to recommendation 36 of the Development
Agenda, which refers to the exchange of experiences on open collaborative
projects, such as the Human Genome Project, as well as on intellectual
property models. This subject-matter is of great importance for developing
countries, since it deals with one of the alternatives for the promotion of
innovation without intellectual property protection, allowing for the
creation of public goods in a cooperative fashion. In the present
evaluation, however, it is not clear if the concept of Open Collaborative
Project is the same that motivated the creation of recommendation 36. This
conceptual confusion can be observed, in first place, in the inconsistent
way in which it is used throughout the document, sometimes being replaced
with expressions of a different nature, such as “open innovation”.
Secondly, we believe that the main idea behind Open Collaborative Projects
is that none of the project’s parties holds exclusive rights over the
intellectual property involved. It was not clear if this was the same
understanding of the evaluator when coming up with his conclusions and
recommendations. Therefore, we would appreciate if the Secretariat could
clarify the meaning of Open Collaborative Projects in a more detailed
manner before we approve the proposals resulting from this project.

Thank you, Mr Chairman

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