[A2k] WIPO General Assembly 2015: Opening statement of Brazil on behalf of the Group of Latin and the Caribbean Group (GRULAC)

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WIPO General Assembly 2015: Opening statement of Brazil on behalf of the
Group of Latin and the Caribbean Group (GRULAC)

Submitted by thiru on 5. October 2015 - 11:32

On Monday, 5 October 2015, Brazil delivered the following opening statement
on behalf of the Group of Latin and the Caribbean Group (GRULAC) at the
World Intellectual Property Organization's (WIPO) General Assembly.

Statement Delivered by the Delegation of Brazil on behalf of GRULAC

"Mr President,

1. I have the honor to deliver this statement on behalf of the Latin
American and the Caribbean Group (GRULAC).

2. At the outset, allow me to congratulate you on your election. Our group
is glad to see a distinguished Member of GRULAC in this position. You can
count on our support.

3. We trust that under your able guidance, we will succeed in building
consensus on the challenging issues we will discuss in the 55th Session of
WIPO Assemblies.

4. GRULAC would like to stress matters of priority and urgency for our
Group and the whole membership related to the normative agenda and
administrative and structural issues.

5. Our group stresses priorities on (i) the renewal of the mandate of the
IGC; (ii) the approval of a work program for the SCCR; (iii) Strengthened
commitment to the works of the CDIP; and (iv) a more equitable geographical

6. Our group is concerned with a series of outstanding issues, such as the
approval of the program and budget 2016-2017 , External Offices and
discussions on the convening of a Diplomatic Conference on the Design Law
Treaty. We would like to make a call to all Members to engage in the
discussion of these issues.

7. It is our view that the Intergovernmental Committee on Intellectual
Property and Genetic Resources, Traditional Knowledge and Traditional
Cultural Expressions (IGC) plays a central role in the normative agenda.
Our Group is committed to continue working on text based negotiations with
a view to reaching an agreement on a text or texts of an international
legal instrument which will ensure the effective protection of GRTKF.
Having in mind the strong interest we have on this subject, that is being
discussed already 15 years at WIPO, we have made a proposal for the renewal
of the mandate for the IGC and stand ready to participate in the
consultations on this area.

8. In respect to the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related Rights,
GRULAC is committed to reaching an agreement on the future work in the
areas of: (l) limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives, (2)
limitations and exceptions for educational institutions, teaching and
research, and (3) broadcasting, with a view to adopting a balanced work

9. In this regard, GRULAC requests members to approve a work plan that
includes a schedule of meetings in order to adopt an appropriate legal
instrument on limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives.

10. We also reiterate the will of our group to continue discussions on the
Protection o f Broadcasting Organizations.

11. On the activities of the Committee on IP and Development, GRULAC
stresses the need for Intellectual Property to truly become a tool for
social, economic and cultural development of all WIPO member states. In
this regard we support new activities related to WIPO's role in the
implementation of the recently approved Sustainable Development Goals. Our
group also stresses the importance of the work of the independent review of
the implementation of the Development Agenda to renew the Organization's
efforts towards a more balanced and inclusive IP system.

12. Our group would also like to make a call for compromise on the approval
of the Program and Budget2076-2017. After two PBC sessions, Members were
able to find compromise in a number of issues. Our group is ready to take
part and contribute to discussions that will lead us to its approval.

13. With regard to the WIPO External Offices, our group expresses its
willingness to reach consensus. In order to agree on new external offices,
we understand the adoption of guiding principles is a necessary first step.
In this context, our group reiterates its interest in hosting a second
external office in our region.

14. On the geographical representation in WIPO's personnel, our group
reiterates the need for a balanced participation of all regions. In this
connection, the Group expresses its commitment to discuss this issue in the
Coordination Committee in order to start a process that can achieve a broad
representation of the membership of V/IPO.

15. Recognizing the important role that the WIPO Academy has played in the
region, especially on capacity building, we would like also to express our
interest on continued development-oriented activities for GRULAC Countries.

Mr. President,

16. Finally, We want to mention the Marrakech VIP Treaty. We would like to
highlight that WIPO and its Members have three main tasks: (a) to promote
its entry into force as soon as possible; (b) to ensure technical
assistance, human and financial resources required for implementation; and
(c) facilitating international cooperation to ensure efficient cross-
border exchange of works in accessible formats, in order to guarantee that
the IP System and WIPO can contribute to improve access to knowledge by
print disabled persons.

17. Our group is proud of being in the forefront of its entry into force.
In total, ten countries have deposited their instruments of ratification.
Among them, there are five GRULAC countries. Our Groups is fully committed
to an expedite entry into force of the Marrakesh Treaty and we urge other
members and groups to join us in the same spirit.

Thank you."

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