[A2k] Internet as a Commons at the EU Parliament, 1st of October 15:00-18:30

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The Green Group, The Commons Network and the Heinrich Böll Foundation 
bring you the most relevant conference of the year: Internet as a 
Commons: Public Space in the Digital Age.

Here we will explore the need for a comprehensive new narrative for the 
Internet. A narrative that frames Internet as a common good, accessible 
by all, and managed by a plurality of actors in a way benefiting society 
at large. In other words: as a Commons.

The Internet has become an important part of our global public sphere. 
Internet provides access to a wealth of information and knowledge, and 
the possibility to participate, create and communicate. This public 
space made up of internet infrastructures is increasingly threatened 
from two sides; by the centralization and commercialization through the 
dominant positions held by giant telecom and Internet companies, as well 
as by an increasing trend in state regulation and censorship of the net. 
This poses important questions about how we choose to organize and 
regulate our digital societies, and how Internet governance models can 
be developed and implemented to ensure fair and democratic participation.

When it comes to the future of the Internet, a key discussion is one of 
infrastructures; who owns, runs and controls them. The question of 
regulation, and who oversees the regulators, is made complicated by the 
transnational nature of the net. The debates around net neutrality, 
infrastructure neutrality and Internet monopolies reflect the important 
choices that are to be made. It is essential the EU formulates a 
comprehensive vision on the internet that addresses the protection of 
civil liberties such as free speech and privacy, but also the growing 
commercialization of our digital public spaces and the commodification 
of personal data with the effect of the market encroaching on all 
aspects of our daily lives. Only then can it make relevant interventions 
regarding the Internet and its governance.

Let´s discuss how to re-decentralize and reclaim the Internet for all.

*This conference will be live streamed at: 
http://greenmediabox.eu/en/live/ <http://greenmediabox.eu/en/live/>*

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