[A2k] EIFL calls for ambitious copyright reform in Europe

Teresa Hackett teresa.hackett at eifl.net
Thu Apr 7 06:43:37 PDT 2016


EIFL joins an open letter to the European Commission calling for ambitious
copyright reform without curtailing internet freedoms

EIFL has joined an open letter addressed to senior figures at the European
Commission responsible for the digital single market. In the context of
current copyright reforms, the letter asks that the Commission delivers on
promises for ambitious reform so that copyright is fit for purpose in the
digital environment, and that strengthens fundamental principles of rights
to access knowledge.

The letter is co-signed by a coalition representing libraries, museums,
consumers, digital rights groups, internet service providers and IT
companies from all over Europe.

In the letter, civil society groups highlight the impact on basic everyday
activities of online users, such as linking, embedding photos or videos
online that would be curtailed should the rules on responsibility and
liability of internet intermediaries be tightened. In particular, amending
the definition of the rights of 'communication to the public' and of
'making available' in the way advocated by certain other groups would be
very detrimental to the Internet as we know it.

In addition, the importance of enabling effective cross-border activities
and services is highlighted. European consumers should be able to access
and use cultural goods across the EU with ease, researchers should be able
to collaborate using the latest technologies, and companies should be able
to do business in an environment that helps creators to make a living from
their work, and that enriches Europe's cultural heritage.

On 14 March 2016, Vice-President Ansip, responsible for the Digital Single
Market, confirmed that legislative proposals on copyright reform were
postponed until September, and that further consultations are needed on two
issues: freedom of panorama
(use of works, such as works of architecture or sculpture, located
permanently in public places), and neighbouring rights (for example, ancillary
copyright, also known as the "Google tax'

Read the letter
the President of the European Commission, Mr Jean-Claude Juncker, First
Vice-President Timmermans, Vice-President Ansip, the Commissioner for the
Digital Economy & Society, the Commissioner for Justice, Consumers and
Gender Equality, the Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport
and the Commissioner for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and

Follow the EU copyright reform process here


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