[A2k] IP-Watch: Landmark WIPO Conference On IP And Development Kicks Off

Thiru Balasubramaniam thiru at keionline.org
Fri Apr 8 01:15:57 PDT 2016



Irini Stamatoudi
general director of the Hellenic Copyright Organization, Greek Ministry of
Culture and Sports, was asked to speak about copyright and the public

Stamatoudi is a candidate to be nominated as the new head of copyright at
WIPO, according to sources. The post was left open after Anne Leer stepped
down from the post of Deputy Director General
<http://www.wipo.int/about-wipo/en/management.html#DDG> for Culture and
Creative Industries Sector last autumn (*IPW*, WIPO, 23 November 2016

Stamatoudi said copyright is a basic tool for promoting and sustaining
creativity and investment in the creative industries, but it also is a
balancing exercise. The public domain, she said, is generally defined by
subject matter which is not protected by copyright, works whose term of
protection has expired, and works in which the author has waived his/her
rights, such as the zero licence in Creative Commons.

The public domain, she said, acts as a counterbalance to copyright, and
added that international, regional, and national laws on copyright provide
for flexibilities.

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