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Subject: The End of Trade as we know It, May 5-6, Washington DC

The End of Trade as We Know It? A conference organized by GWU and the World
This conference will focus on how policymakers, firms, and netizens can
collaborate to ensure that digital trade yields economic growth and
enhances human welfare. We will examine digital trade as well as barriers
to cross-border information flows. We will also discuss the role of trade
agreements as tools of Internet governance; examine the domestic and
international regulatory environment for information; and focus on how to
cooperate to encourage cross-border information flows.

This conference brings together policymakers and professionals from around
the world to discuss how digital trade is changing how we trade, who
trades, and how Internet stakeholders can alter trade policies to create an
enabling environment for digital trade. Susan Ariel Aaronson and Kyle
Renner, Elliott School of International Affairs, GWU and Michael Ferrantino
and Maja Andjelkovic of the World Bank conceived of and organized the
conference. We are grateful to our sponsors: ICANN, GWU-CIBER, Google,
eBay, and the Greater Washington DC Chapter of The Internet Society
(ISOC-DC). .

Digital Trade is the fastest growing component of trade, but policymakers
are just learning how to create an environment to facilitate such trade in
developed and developing countries alike. TPP is the first trade agreement
to include binding provisions related to the information flows that power
digital trade but that agreement says little about the regulatory context
in which the Internet functions. In this conference, we will examine
digital trade as well as barriers to cross-border information flows. We
will also discuss the role of trade agreements as tools of Internet
governance, examine the domestic and international regulatory environment
for information, and focus on how to cooperate to encourage cross-border
information flows.
To register for this free conference,  go to:

*Day 1: May 5th, 2016* *2:30 – 4:00PM* Panel 1. The enabling environment
for digital trade as a tool for development. This panel will explore: How
do individuals use the Internet to expand trade? What kind of policies
should governments adopt to encourage their citizens to participate in
digital trade?

   - *Abdoul Aziz Sy**, CTIC Dakar, Senegal*
   - *Daniel Adidwa*,* Tour 2-0.com <http://2-0.com/>, South Africa*
   - *Diego Molano Vega*, *Former ICT Minister of Colombia*
   - *Michael Ferrantino*, *World Bank*
   - Moderator: *Martin Molinuevo*, *World Bank*

*4:00 – 4:15PM: Coffee Break*

*4:15 – 5:30PM*

Panel 2. A Conversation on Rethinking IPR Online to Support Development

   - *Sean Flynn*,* Professorial Lecturer, American University School of
   - *Lucinda Longcroft**, Director, NY Office, WIPO, invited*
   - *Kevin M. Rosenbaum**, Of Counsel, Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP,
   and an attorney for the International Intellectual Property Association*
   - *Krista Cox*, *Director of Public Policy Initiatives, Association of
   Research Libraries*
   - Moderator*: **Maja Andjelkovic*, *World Bank*

*5:30 – 6:30PM*

*First Keynote: **Anabel Gonzalez**,* *Senior Director, Trade and
Competitiveness, World Bank*

*Day 2: Friday, May 6th, 2016* *9:00 – 10:30AM* Panel 3: Barriers to
Digital Trade as a Tool for Development.

Panelists will discuss the lack of infrastructure, poor regulatory
environment, corruption, IPR, and other barriers to digital trade, and what
policymakers can do about these barriers.

*Opening Remarks:* Panel 1 Moderator (*Michael Ferrantino**, World Bank*)
will provide 5 minutes of takeaways from the enabling environment
discussion and conversation about IPR to set the stage for the Panel 2
discussion on barriers to digital trade.

   - *Shawn Tan*, *Principal author of the international trade section of
   World Development Report 2016, World Bank*
   - *Ralph Carter**, Managing Director, Federal Express*
   - *Anupam Chander**, Professor of Law, UC-Davis, Author of “The
   Electronic Silk Road”*
   - *Usman Ahmed**, Director, Global Public Policy, PayPal*
   - *Moderator: **Shawn Donnen**, FT, invited*

*10:30 – 11:00AM: Coffee & Networking Break* *11:00AM – 12:30PM* Panel 4:
Do Provisions Regulating Digital Trade Need a Rethink? This panel will
focus on how trade policies and agreements should change to address both
the “public good” nature of information flows and 21st century expectations
of governance given the Internet.

   - *Sandy Reback*, *Director, Global Public Policy, Akamai*
   - *Carolina Rossini*, *Vice President, International Policy, Public
   - *Jeremy Malcolm*, *Senior Global Policy Analyst, Electronic Frontier
   - *Damien Levie*,* EU Delegation, Trade and Agricultural Affairs*
   - *Moderator: **Hanna Norberg*, *Tradeeconomista.com*

*12:30 – 2:00PM: Luncheon Keynote*

*Susan Lund*, *Partner, McKinsey Global Institute, McKinsey & Company,
Author of “Digital Globalization – The New Flows”*
2:15PM – 3:45PM
Panel 5: Barriers to Digital Trade and Digital Trade Agreements

This panel will examine future barriers to digital trade including
cyber-security, information sovereignty, and domestic regulations. We will
also debate the difference between domestic regulations to protect netizens
and local firms and digital protectionism. Panelists will suggest new
policies to facilitate digital trade, in particular in the developing world.

   - *Brian Bieron*, *Director of Public Policy, eBay and Main Street*
   - *Allan Friedman*, *Director of Cybersecurity, NIST, invited*
   - *Hosuk Lee Makiyama*, *Director, European Center for International
   Political Economy (ECIPE)*
   - *Susan Ariel Aaronson*, *Research Professor of International Affairs,
   - *Paul Fehlinger*, *Manager and Co-Founder,* *Internet and Jurisdiction
   - *Moderator*: *Tracey Samuelson*, *Marketplace, PRI*

*4:00PM: Wrap Up & Next Steps*

The conference’s organizers, Michael Ferrantino of the World Bank and Susan
Aaronson and Kyle Renner of the George Washington University, will
summarize conference findings and discussion and suggest new areas for


Susan Ariel Aaronson, Ph.D.
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Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington

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