[A2k] #readannediary - How copyright keeps us from reading Anne Frank’s diary

Natalia Mileszyk nmileszyk at centrumcyfrowe.pl
Mon Apr 25 21:43:46 PDT 2016

Today, on Tuesday 26 April, World Intellectual Property Day, the original,
Dutch-language version of ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’ was published online at
annefrank.centrumcyfrowe.pl. However, this publication is only available in
Poland as Anne Frank’s original writings are still protected by copyright
in most member states of the European Union. With this publication of the
original version of the diary Centrum Cyfrowe, Kennisland and the COMMUNIA
International Association on the Public Domain seek to highlight the
absurdly long duration of copyright in the EU, as well as the fact that,
contrary to general assumptions, the duration of copyright is still not
harmonised across the EU and the troubling fact of geo-blocking which
creates boundaries online.

If you want to be able to freely access The Diary of Anne Frank, we need
your help. Share your thoughts, views, and concerns using the social media
hashtag #ReadAnneDiary. Let’s get the word out about why we all should be
able to read and cherish this significant literary work.

Natalia Mileszyk
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