[A2k] May 5th free digital trade conference --The end of trade as we know it: Pl. register

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Thu Apr 28 12:50:34 PDT 2016

Free digital trade conference at GWU

Info at https://www.gwu.edu/~iiep/events/DigitalTrade2016/ 

The Internet and associated technologies are both a platform for trade 
and a technology transforming trade. We define digital trade as commerce 
in products and services delivered via the Internet (USITC: 2013, i). 
Although digital trade is the fastest growing component of trade, 
policymakers are just learning how to create an environment to 
facilitate such trade in developed and developing countries alike. The 
Transpacific Partnership (TPP) is the first trade agreement to include 
binding provisions related to the information flows that power digital 
trade, but that agreement (and others under negotiation) say little 
about the domestic and international regulatory context in which the 
Internet functions. However, as the World Bank notes, an effective 
regulatory environment is essential to reaping the benefits of the 
information economy and digital trade (World Bank: 2016)

Trade agreements may not be the best place to regulate information flows 
— which are a global public good that governments should provide and 
regulate effectively in a cooperative manner with other governments. 
Moreover, many Internet issues that involve information flows, such as 
privacy or the security of data are not market access issues (the 
traditional turf of trade agreements) issues (Aaronson: 2016).

In this conference, we will examine digital trade as well as barriers to 
cross-border information flows. We will also discuss the role of trade 
agreements as tools of Internet governance; examine the domestic and 
international regulatory environment for information; and focus on how 
to cooperate to encourage cross-border information flows. We plan to 
encourage audience and panelist dialogue about these issues.

The Internet Society DC Chapter <https://www.isoc-dc.org> (ISOC-DC) will 
be providing a live stream of the conference to be linked to this page.

For more information, please contact Kyle Renner at iiep at gwu.edu 
<mailto:iiep at gwu.edu>

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