[A2k] SCCR/32 EIFL statement on GRULAC proposal

Teresa Hackett teresa.hackett at eifl.net
Fri May 13 09:31:08 PDT 2016


32nd Session: Geneva, 9 May – 13 May 2016

Agenda item 8: Other Matters

Proposal for Analysis of Copyright Related to the Digital Environment

EIFL aligns itself with the statement of IFLA.

We welcome the Proposal for an Analysis of Copyright Related to the Digital
Environment (document SCCR/31/4) that puts centre stage creators and users.

We support the idea of a ‘big picture’ practical analysis of how copyright
is, or is not, serving both groups.

Issues of particular interest to my group contained in the proposal
include: the management of copyright; limitations & exceptions in the
digital environment; enforcement mechanisms; digital exhaustion; licences;
territoriality; and interpretation of the three-step test.

Therefore there are many issues in the proposal that touch upon the work of

An analysis of the ‘digital ecosystem’ would be enlightening and a very
helpful addition to the work of the Committee.

We thank GRULAC for the initiative.

Thank you.

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