[A2k] Copyright Bill that will prohibit creative commons licenses for audiovisual works in Chile

Luis Villarroel info at innovarte.cl
Wed May 18 13:52:18 PDT 2016

Dear Friends

The Chilean Congress  House of Deputies has approved a bill that creates a
new unwaivable right of remuneration for authors of audiovisual works,  and
its contributions. To make things worst this new right is to exercised only
through collective management organizations.

this is link to bill as approved in the House of Representatives.

This will mean that the music composer of a work embedded in any
 audiovisual work, the writer of the drama, the Director, the camera man,
etc, will not be able to waive its right or license for free through a
creative commons license or any other open licenses, or give it to the
public domain.

To make it worst because of the national treatment obligations this bill
will also apply to foreign audiovisual works.

This is new right is promoted by CISAC, and chilean collective societies,
so it might be modeled elsewhere, so I invite those willing to preserve
open licensing in audiovisual works not only in Chile but elsewhere, to
help us to stop this legislative mistake.

Know the bill is in the Senate so still there is a small window of time for
civil society to step in.  Especially from audiovisual authors to show the
need to allow the possibility of waiving the rights or licensing for free
as in a creative commons licenses.  Next session will be in 2 weeks from
now, so plis would appreciate anyone that can send testimony of authors  or
users association against this preclusion of open licensing  send it to
info at innovarte.cl, or even better if they are in Chile to ask to be heard
in the next session.

Kind regards
  Luis Villarroel Villalón
     (56 2) 2688 69 26
       [image: Corporación Innovarte]

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