[A2k] A2k activities in Germany (and Europe)?

Andreas Antić andreas.antic at fu-berlin.de
Thu May 12 00:31:28 PDT 2016

Dear all,

could someone tell me about current A2k activities in Germany (and
Europe)? Which groups and individuals are actively involved at the time?
Most of the information which I can find online seems to be outdated.

The background of my questions is that I've discovered A2k during my PhD
research (philosophy) in the last years. I gave a short talk last year
in Chicago to highlight the parallels between some values and principles
of the A2k movement and the philosophical approach of John Dewey, about
whom I am writing my PhD. The talk will be published now in a small
philosophy journal, so I am reworking the text. And I notice that I am
still very enthusiastic about A2k! :)

Thanks in advance and best whishes from Berlin,


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