[A2k] Crowdfunding Theoretical Physics

Seth Johnson seth.p.johnson at gmail.com
Mon May 16 01:48:19 PDT 2016

A Theory of Everything:

In 2013 we, the theoretical physicist Jesper Møller Grimstrup and the
mathematician Johannes Aastrup, discovered a simple mathematical
principle, which we believe could be exactly what Einstein was
searching for.

from the supporting testimonials:

"It is unusual to see theoretical physics projects presented as
crowdfunded campaign. However, given the current menacing trend that
is transforming universities into corporate business machines, grade
factories, and shopping malls, with fast disappearing funds for
fundamental research (and for anything of intellectual value), I am
sure we will be seeing more and more fundamental research resorting to
crowdfunding. In depth critical thinking about foundational questions
is of crucial importance to science, even when this foundational work
is not leading to immediate applications and is not part of a
fashionable trend and not supported by an established power lobby.
Finding a space where this type of research can flourish is crucial
for a healthy scientific community" -- Professor Matilde Marcolli,
Caltech, US

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