[A2k] Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology (RP:CB) have been published in eLife

Rusty Speidel rusty at cos.io
Fri Jan 20 08:27:34 PST 2017

Dear Colleague,
Yesterday the first five replication studies for the Reproducibility
Project: Cancer Biology (RP:CB) <https://osf.io/e81xl/wiki/home/> have been
published in eLife along with an editorial, three insight articles
commenting on the replications, some comments from original authors, and a
commentary written by Tim Errington and Brian Nosek about interpreting

As you may know, RP:CB is an ongoing initiative to conduct direct
replications of 50 high-impact cancer biology studies. The project's goal
is to learn more about the predictors of reproducibility, common obstacles
to conducting replications, and how current scientific incentives
affect research practices by estimating the rate of reproducibility in a
sample of published cancer biology literature. The RP:CB is a collaborative
effort between the Center for Open Science and network provider Science
Exchange <https://www.scienceexchange.com/>, and will be published in eLife

Through independent direct replication studies, the project aims to
identify best practices that maximize reproducibility and facilitate an
accurate accumulation of knowledge, enabling potentially impactful novel
findings to be effectively built upon by the scientific community.

The press has been very responsive to these initial results. Links to a few
of the major articles are below, the rest can be found on the summary page
here <https://cos.io/our-services/research/rpcb-overview/>. We hope you
find them interesting and that you will share the project with your
colleagues and social media community using the *#rpcb* hashtag.

Project Summary <https://cos.io/our-services/research/rpcb-overview/>

NPR Article

Science Article


Nature Article

Thank you!

Rusty Speidel
Marketing Director
Center for Open Science
https://cos.io | @osframework

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