[A2k] LSU v. Elsevier

Krista Cox krista at arl.org
Tue May 2 08:37:33 PDT 2017

Dear All,

Louisiana State University has sued Elsevier for breach of contract after
the publisher cut off access to users at LSU's veterinary school.  You can
read more details and access the case documents at the links below:

ARL press release
 and my blog post <http://policynotes.arl.org/?p=1537>.

ARL landing page on LSU v. Elsevier
which also hosts LSU's complaint
 and Elsevier's April 22, 2017 letter

We would appreciate any help tweeting and have provided some sample tweets
to get you started:

. at ElsevierNews refusing to honor its contracts w/ @lsulibraries. Won’t let
vet. school access content http://bit.ly/2pTDxtR #LSUvElsevier

. at ElsevierNews is acting in bad faith, cutting veterinary school off from
journal subscriptions licensed by @lsulibraries. #LSUvElsevier

LSU is being a responsible steward of public resources, but Elsevier is
refusing to honor its contract #LSUvElsevier http://bit.ly/2pTDxtR

Librarians, check your journal subscription contracts for redundant
content! http://bit.ly/2pTDxtR #LSUvElsevier

. at lsulibraries suing @ElsevierNews after the publisher cut off veterinary
school from accessing licensed content. #LSUvElsevier

Elsevier hasn’t accepted service of process after @lsulibraries filed suit
for breach of contract. http://bit.ly/2p4XwBD #LSUvElsevier

Note: @ElsevierConnect and @ElsevierNews are Elsevier’s primary twitter
accounts. @Elsevier is a Dutch newspaper.


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