[A2k] EIFL question to Prof Crews

Teresa Hackett teresa.hackett at eifl.net
Wed Nov 15 06:46:43 PST 2017


35th Session: Geneva, 13 – 17 November 2017

Agenda item 6: Limitations and exceptions for libraries and archives
Presentation by Prof Crews

I am speaking on behalf of Electronic Information for Libraries (EIFL).

We thank the Secretariat for arranging the third edition of the study on

Thanks to Prof Crews for undertaking the work. I have two points.

First, more than fifty of the charts have been revised and updated since
the last edition in 2015. But when we look at the data in more detail, the
substantive changes are small.

For example, since 2015 just three more countries allow copying for
preservation, a basic library activity.

Just one country has allowed document supply, fundamental to support

Cross-border issues are not being addressed at all.

At this rate, we estimate that it will take another 70 years, until 2087,
for the laws of every country just to catch up with basic activities today.

Second, in your presentation, you described a situation of relatively
little innovation, uneven application of digital technologies and even
increasing disharmonization.

My question is what can we address the situation to allow activities in an
online, cross-border environment in which libraries in every country
operate, in a timely and effective manner?

Finally I would like to remind delegates of the compilation of evidence and
examples of problems presented by libraries and archives at SCCR. Search
for the title ‘The internet is global-but copyright exceptions stop at the

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