[A2k] WIPO General Assembly 2018: Statement of the United States on Copyright Exceptions and Limitations

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WIPO General Assembly 2018: Statement of the United States on Copyright
Exceptions and Limitations

On 26 September 2018, at the 2018 WIPO General Assembly, the United States
of America delivered the following intervention on Copyright Exceptions and

World Intellectual Property Organization Assemblies of the Member States
September 24 to October 2, 2018

AGENDA ITEM 14: Report on the Standing Committee on Copyright and Related


*Copyright Exceptions and Limitations*
- The United States supports work in the SCCR to develop high-level
principles and objectives for national copyright exceptions and limitations
for libraries and archives and for educational activities.
- Such an approach would establish international consensus on areas where
appropriate exceptions or limitations would be desirable at the national
- Once these principles are developed, WIPO and its Members could work
together to improve and update national laws. The principles would provide
a framework of common understanding as a basis for seminars and workshops
and providing technical assistance in developing high-quality legislation.
- We see this approach as preferable to binding norm-setting, since the
current international framework provides appropriate flexibility, pursuant
to well-established standards, for countries to enact exceptions and
limitations to advance their own social, cultural and economic policies.
- The United States also supports work aimed at deepening the Committee’s
understanding of national copyright limitations and exceptions for persons
with disabilities other than visual impairment.
- Finally, we note that work on the broadcasters’ treaty is more advanced
than work on other items on the SCCR agenda. As a result, the United States
believes each topic should be addressed and considered separately in its
own right in establishing any work-plan for the SCCR.

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