[A2k] KEI Comments on Intellectual Property Protection for Artificial Intelligence Innovation, for USPTO Request for Comments | Knowledge Ecology International

Benjamin Henrion bhenrion at ffii.org
Mon Jan 13 06:20:09 PST 2020

On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 2:52 PM James Love <james.love at keionline.org> wrote:
> These are our comments on the USPTO request for comments on AI and IP.  The
> notice primarily focuses on copyright.  The US Copyright Office also is
> holding a meeting on copyright and AI and Feb 5.
> https://www.keionline.org/32101

Does the UPSTO ask for comments only on copyright, or also on patents?

USPTO illegally changed their examination guidelines to partially
ignore Alice, which forms the basis for reopening the software patent

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"In July 2005, after several failed attempts to legalise software
patents in Europe, the patent establishment changed its strategy.
Instead of explicitly seeking to sanction the patentability of
software, they are now seeking to create a central European patent
court, which would establish and enforce patentability rules in their
favor, without any possibility of correction by competing courts or
democratically elected legislators."

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