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As we enter the new decade, we wish to provide you with some updates on our plans for 2020.

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** Plans & News for 2020

** January 30, 2020

** A Note from the Founders

Dear friends and colleagues,

As we enter the new decade, we wish to provide you with some updates on our plans for 2020, including opportunities for you to engage with Portulans! Below you will find information about our upcoming launches, updates, and events.

Created in order to develop cross-community knowledge and dialogue on how people, technology and innovation contribute to sustainable and inclusive economic growth, the Portulans Institute aims to further this goal in 2020 by introducing our Fellowship Program (https://portulansinstitute.org/the-application-for-our-2020-fellowship-program-is-now-open/) in January. This program will aim to increase the global reach and impact of our respective partners. Application deadline is February 7th!

The Network Readiness Index 2019, (https://networkreadinessindex.org/) which launched in Geneva in December 2019 ranks a total of 121 economies based on their performances across 62 variables. Learn more with our executive summary (https://networkreadinessindex.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/2019-NRI-Executive-Summary-1.pdf) or read the full report (http://networkreadinessindex.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/The-Network-Readiness-Index-2019_Full_draft-V2.pdf)  .  Importantly, this year we plan on adding to the NRI by producing individual country studies and policy roadmaps.

Innovation and excellence in our activities is one of the core values of the Portulans Institute and in 2020 we aim to bolster this by expanding our outreach and activities. We are all extremely excited for the new year and we hope you join us on our mission.

All the best,

Soumitra Dutta, Bruno Lanvin, and Carolina Rossini
Founders, Portulans Institute
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[Left to Right] Soumitra Dutta, Carolina Rossini, and Bruno Lanvin
The Network Readiness Index 2019: Towards a Future-Ready Society

Launched in Geneva, in December 2019, the complete Network Readiness Index (NRI) is now available for download (http://networkreadinessindex.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/The-Network-Readiness-Index-2019_Full_draft-V2.pdf) . First published in 2002, the Index provided a holistic framework for assessing the multi-faceted impact of ICT on society and the development of nations.

The NRI rapidly developed into an influential global benchmark for the application and utilization of ICT. Many economies utilized the NRI to design their ICT strategies, and the NRI was used and frequently quoted by leaders from the public and private sectors.

The redesigned NRI ranks a total of 121 economies based on their performances across 62 variables and recognizes the pervasiveness of digital technologies in today’s networked world and therefore rests on four fundamental dimensions: Technology, People, Governance and Impact. This holistic approach means that the NRI covers issues ranging from future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things (IoT) to the role of the digital economy in reaching the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The top performer in this year’s index is Sweden, which is just ahead of Singapore in 2nd place and the Netherlands in 3rd place. The top 10 countries in the NRI 2019 are shown in the table below along with the top regional performers. The top of the rankings are dominated by European nations, with the region claiming 8 of the top 10 positions. The United States is ranked 8th globally.
Full Report Here (https://networkreadinessindex.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/The-Network-Readiness-Index-2019_Full_draft-V2.pdf)
Portulans Institute co-founder Bruno Lanvin interviewed by CNN Switzerland in Davos.
Presentation of the NRI and the Case of India

Since the launch of the 2019 edition of the Network Readiness Index (https://networkreadinessindex.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/The-Network-Readiness-Index-2019_VJan2020.pdf)  (NRI) in Geneva on December 18th 2019, Portulans Institute co-founder Soumitra Dutta has presented the Network Readiness Index and his work on the Global Innovation Index to multiple groups.

Dutta started the year with lectures to the Cornell EMBA Metro Class, teaching a course on Leading Digital Transformation and Innovation to the EMBA students. Afterwards, Dutta traveled to India and presented the NRI at two major business schools in India. First, on January 17th, Dutta was the keynote academic speaker at the
SP Jain Institute of Management Research’s Business Academia Enclave (https://www.spjimr.org/sbac2020)  in Mumbai. Dutta spoke about how becoming network-ready implies profound organizational and business model change and requires leadership from the very top of organizations.  Later, on January 20th, Dutta addressed students at the Goa Institute of Management (https://www.gim.ac.in/) , where he stressed the importance of building an effective knowledge innovation ecosystem with a focus on multiple factors including education, SMEs, institutions, ecosystems, and branding.

In the 2019 NRI,
India is ranked 79 among 121 ranked countries (https://networkreadinessindex.org/countries/india/) . Its key strength lies in Governance (52nd), as a result of consistent performances in all three sub-pillars: Trust (49th), Regulation (59th) and Inclusion (58th).

Click the button below to read the full blog post and watch the key-note video!
Full Blog Post (https://portulansinstitute.org/presenting-nri-india/)
Dutta addressing the faculty and students of the Goa Institute of Management
Dutta presenting the keynote on innovation and technology at S.P. Jain Institute of Management & Research
Launches & Updates:

2020 Portulans Institute Fellowship
The Portulans Institute is offering opportunities for graduate students and young professionals to work on novel research related to human capital, technology, and innovation policies. We encourage applications from individuals in any country who are committed to understanding and advancing an inclusive and sustainable development of societies. Click here (https://portulansinstitute.org/the-application-for-our-2020-fellowship-program-is-now-open/) to learn more!

Upcoming Relevant Events:

Our co-founders will attend and speak at:
* Data as a Development Issue, (https://www.cgdev.org/event/data-development-issue) Washington D.C. January 31, 2020
* American University of Cairo, February 9-10, 2020: Soumitra Dutta will give a presentation

Portulans Institute is co-organizing panels at:
* eCommerce Week 2020: Creating value in the digital economy: (https://unctad.org/en/pages/MeetingDetails.aspx?meetingid=2240) 27 April - 1 May 2020
* 12th WTO Ministerial Conference: (https://www.wto.org/english/thewto_e/minist_e/mc12_e/mc12_e.htm) https://www.wto.org/english/thewto_e/minist_e/mc12_e/mc12_e.htmJune 8-11 2020

Portulans Institute Newsletter:

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