[Ip-health] Thailand's Special 301 'Out of Cycle Review' - USTR Request for Comments

Michael Palmedo mpalmedo at wcl.american.edu
Thu Dec 2 12:51:59 PST 2010

Thailand's Special 301 'Out of Cycle Review' - USTR Request for Comments

Mike Palmedo
December 2, 2010

Yesterday the Royal Thai Embassy and the American Enterprise Institute co-hosted an off-the-record meeting about intellectual property in Thailand.  The meeting was called because the U.S. Trade Representative is currently conducting and out-of-cycle review of Thai intellectual property, which will be used to determine the placement of Thailand on future Special 301 lists.  Thai officials wanted to explain steps they have taken to improve IP protection and enforcement.

The meeting was attended by representatives from IP-owning industries, government officials, and some civil society groups that are generally allied with the industry on IP matters.  All in attendance emphasized the usefulness of having meetings where these groups can exchange views. The industry representatives’ positions are basically unchanged since last February, when comments for the 2010 Special 301 Report were submitted to USTR.  The Special 301 Comments are online:

- PhRMA Comments: http://www.wcl.american.edu/pijip/go/2010301-phrma
- IIPA Comments: http://www.iipa.com/special301.html 

The U.S. Trade Representative has put out a Request for Comments as part of its Out of Cycle Review of Thai intellectual property.  Any member of the public can submit comments on “any act, policy, or practice that is relevant” to whether or not Thailand should be included on Special 301 Lists.  The deadline is in Monday, December 10.   For more information, see the USTR Request for Comments.

For more on the Special 301 Program, see PIJIP's Page on Special 301: http://wcl.american.edu/pijip/go/301


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