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Aidan Hollis ahollis at ucalgary.ca
Tue Dec 7 07:47:02 PST 2010

The latest Health Impact Fund newsletter includes

* comments on the USPTO proposal, specially focusing on the importance of having a meaningful measure of humanitarian impact
* a summary of some recent presentations on the HIF
* update on media publications, including in Luxemburger Wort, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Buenos-Aires Clarin, and Mexico City El Universal.
* a discussion of a Framework Convention on Global Health
* an article on the relevance of the HIF approach to innovation more broadly.

The team continues to explore possibilities for running a pilot in which a firm would be rewarded based on measured health impact for the sale of a drug in a country.

The newsletter is at
 or http://alturl.com/n7y47

You can subscribe directly at

There is more information on the Health Impact Fund proposal at www.healthimpactfund.org

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