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Transparency is very important in this area. Does anyone know where the
Third World Network files its accounts, and how one can obtain a copy?

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> 'Partnership for Safe Medicines' a farce: Health interest groups
> Monday, December 13, 2010 08:00 IST
> Ramesh Shankar, Mumbai, Mumbai
> A section of health interest groups in the country has cautioned the
> consumer organisations and patient groups in India about the malafide
> intentions of the newly formed 'Partnership for Safe Medicines' and has
> urged them to distance themselves from it as the new organization is
> neither about safety nor about medicines.
> It is predominantly about the protection of corporate monopolistic
> rights. "Therefore, we request all the public interest groups especially
> consumer organisations and patient groups to distance itself from
> 'Partnership for Safe Medicines'. Engaging with such coalitions can
> divert the much needed attention from other compelling issues such as
> rational use of medicines, high drug prices and patenting of essential
> medicines. Therefore it is grossly unsafe to partner with Partnership
> for Safe Medicines", said a spokesman for the Centre for Trade and
> Development (Centad).
> This newly generated interest should be approached with a caution as
> this entire drama is stage-managed by the big pharma, who blatantly
> pursue policy level changes across the world that hinder access to
> affordable medicines to millions of poor people. The Partnership for
> Safe Medicines belongs to the band of above mentioned front
> organisations, the spokesman cautioned.
> Exposing the intentions of the new organisation, the health groups said
> that it is very clear that they represent the interests of the IP owners
> rather than that of consumers. This pro-industry face is more visible
> when one looks into the composition of board of directors. Two of the
> five board of directors are pro-industry academicians, one belongs to
> Pharmaceutical Security Institute (PSI), one is the global policy head
> of Merck & Co and one is from PhRMA.
> The Indian chapter has three partners---Cell for Consumer Education and
> Advocacy (Bejon Mishra- executive director), Consumer Online Foundation
> (Bejon Mishra--chairperson), Healthy You Foundation (Bejon Mishra--
> founder trustee), and Indian Medical Association. Bejon Mishra appears
> to be the connecting link between all the three partners. Therefore it
> would not be incorrect to assume that the partnership in India has not
> yet grown beyond Bejon Mishra and his associate organisations, the
> health interest groups regretted.
> The ambiguity created by the anti-counterfeiting debates in fact
> entrapped many consumer organisations around the world. Without
> understanding the intricacies of the anti-counterfeiting politics many
> jumped into the coalitions such as Partnership for Safe Medicines. In
> fact these sorts of coalitions could successfully camouflage the
> corporate business interests in the issue of safety of medicines. One of
> the problems with debates on counterfeits is that it has completely
> sidelined the issues of rational use of medicines, and drug pricing. In
> the midst of unethical business practices of pharmaceutical companies,
> the issue of rational use of medicines should be brought back to
> mainstream, the health groups said.
> Indian drug industry, which is projected to be the Pharmacy of the
> world, is under the threat of bigpharma. Of late, there have been many
> deliberate attempts to wipe out Indian generic companies. The increasing
> number of MNC take-over of Indian generic companies and proliferation of
> TRIPS-plus policy instruments attest to this fact. The campaigns run by
> Partnership for Safe Medicines also add more fuels to these attacks, the
> health interest groups cautioned.
> http://www.pharmabiz.com/article/detnews.asp?articleid=58816&sectionid=
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