[Ip-health] The 63rd World Health Assembly

James Love james.love at keionline.org
Mon May 17 00:34:49 PDT 2010

Some people will be sending some information on twitter about the World
Health Assembly, using the hash tag #wha63

My tweets from this morning are as follows:

The 63rd World Health Assembly starts today. Heading the US delegation
are Secretary Sebelius and Nils Daulaire. #wha63

Mark Abdoo, hardlinner on IPR under the Bush Administration, is now
director of Global Health for the NSA at the White House. #wha63

The USTR /USTPO representative on the US delegation is Debby
Lashley-Johnson. #wha63

The pharmaceutical industry has to be happy with the US delegation.

David Hohman, Mark Abdoo, Debby Lashley & Nils Daulaire all played key
roles in Bush Admin advancing drug company interests. #wha63.

Secretary Sebelius will attend a Global Health Council (GHC) event
today. The GHC now headed by a former Merck lobbyist.

The Global Health Council delegation to #wha63 is 56 members, headed by
former Merck Lobbyist Jeff Struchio.

RT @campcrusader: 20 years ago today the World Health Organization
declassified homosexuality as a mental illness. #idaho


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