[Ip-health] Book on ex-post liability rules in modern patent law

Rosa Castro rosacastrob2003 at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 6 08:09:44 PDT 2010

Dear all, 
I have recently defended my Ph.D. thesis, which is entitled "Ex-Post Liability Rules in Modern Patent Law". 
The Thesis examines alternative ways of protecting patent rights using the law and economics framework of property and liability rules. Although it is not directly focused on the medicines debate, I touch upon several related issues. Traditional compulsory licenses are compared with the most recent discussions on the choice between granting or denying injunctive relief for patents (ex post liability rules). The debate about strategic behaviour triggered by the patent system, especially in the aftermath of the U.S. Supreme Court decision in eBay v. MercExchange is discussed along with policy perspectives on both sides of the Atlantic.
The thesis has been published by Intersentia (information about the commercial version can be accessed here): 
A non-commercial version is available at the University site: 

Rosa Castro B.
European Doctorate in Law and Economics. Bologna University.

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