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         Medical Advisor – Tuberculosis and Antibiotic Resistance

   Campaign for Access to Essential Medicines, Médecins Sans Frontières

                     Job location: Geneva, Switzerland
                      Contract: Full time (long-term)

The Access Campaign
The Access Campaign is an international MSF project launched in 1999. It
aims to improve access and stimulate development of medical tools (drugs,
diagnostics, vaccines) that have or could have major impact on morbidity
and mortality in contexts where MSF works.  The Access Campaign challenges
external medical-political actors in order to overcome barriers identified
by practitioners in MSF programs and those practicing in similar
environments. To this end it aims to influence international policies
relevant to improving access and stimulating innovation.

The priorities of the Access Campaign are guided by the medical challenges
faced by MSF’s operations. The aim is to improve medical practice in
resource-limited settings by accessing new tools (drugs, diagnostics and
vaccines) that can change the organisation’s medical practice.

The Medical advisor
The Medical advisor will work as part of a multidisciplinary team
comprising clinicians, pharmacists, laboratory specialists, policy and
advocacy specialists, and communications specialists. The core
responsibility of the current position are defined by two priority
dossiers: tuberculosis and antibiotic resistance. The main activities
within each dossier are summarized below.

The TB dossier is an ongoing dossier. The medical advisor will work closely
with the campaign team, key individuals within MSF headquarter and
operations, and external experts to develop and implement the core
priorities of the TB Dossier. These include, improving the diagnosis and
management of TB in HIV co-infection, increasing access to medicines for
paediatric TB care, and increasing access to effective medicines and
diagnostics to improve drug-resistant TB management.

The Antibiotic Resistance dossier is new Dossier for the Access Campaign.
Working with internal and external experts, the Medical Advisor will
develop an analysis of the main barriers to accessing and precisely using
effective antibiotics with the goal of defining key priorities for medical
advocacy. This may take the form of support for rapid diagnostics for
common bacterial infections, advocacy for improved global surveillance of
antibiotic-resistant infections, support for a more active antibiotic
pipeline, and/or bolster research that can improve the use of antibiotics
(optimize dosing regimens and treatment times) in poor contexts.

Requirements of the post

The ideal candidate will posses the following skills and experience:
   ·	Medical doctor
   ·	Experience working in a resource-limited settings, ideally with MSF
   ·	TB/HV program experience at international or national level
   ·	Strong knowledge synthesis skills (including literature reviews)
   ·	Understanding of access to medicines priorities for TB in the
      developing world
   ·	Excellent communication and team working skills
   ·	Willingness to speak at public events when required on behalf of MSF
   ·	There will be some overseas travel in this posting most likely to
      international conferences, internal meetings and/or field trips
      depending on requests.

To  apply,  please  send  your CV with cover letter by end of day Friday 29
October to:

Michelle Vilk at michelle.vilk at geneva.msf.org at the MSF Access Campaign.

More information about the Access Campaign can be found at

   Only short-listed candidates will be contacted


Kind regards,

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