[Ip-health] The Medicines Patent Pool's Licenses with Gilead Jeopardize Access to Treatment

Gregg Gonsalves gregg.gonsalves at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 06:44:22 PDT 2011

Dear colleagues,
I urge you to read this paper in full.  It is an ITPC/I-MAK analysis
of the Medicines Patent Pool and its recent licenses negotiated with
Gilead Sciences Inc.
While many have praised the licenses, others have criticized them on
narrow grounds, primarily on the exclusion of middle income countries.
The analysis here shows that the problems with these licenses and with
the Medicines Patent Pool are far broader and more dangerous.
These agreements strengthen patent protections on drugs and their
chemical precursors, weakening the ability of countries to provide
vital medicines to their own people and to other countries with
tremendous need for these drugs.
Furthermore, the Medicines Patent Pool has instituted a 5% fee to be
paid to it by Gilead for the identification and administration of
these licenses, which we believe is an egregious conflict of interest.
We are calling on the Patent Pool Governance Board to censure these
licenses. We also demanding a moratorium on current negotiations with
Bristol Myers Squibb and Boehringer-Ingelheim until a broad technical
consultation with representatives from affected communities can be
held to discuss the future and reform of the Medicines Patent Pool's


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