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***  The Medicines Patent Pool Newsletter *** 

** Volume 0: 11 May, 2011 ** 

Apologies to those who have received this mailing twice. This was due
to an error in our system which is now resolved. 

The Medicines Patent Pool is working to make affordable, appropriate
HIV medicines available to those that need them in developing
countries by negotiating licenses from medicines patent holders such
as drug companies and research institutes. This exciting new project,
founded with the support of financing mechanism UNITAID, aims to bring
down the prices of HIV drugs and encourage the development of
desperately needed new treatments - like formulations for children. 

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* Pool in formal negotiations with 5 patent holders * 

The Medicines Patent Pool is now undergoing formal negotiations with
Gilead, Roche, Sequoia Pharmaceuticals, Viiv Healthcare (a joint
venture of GlaxoSmithKline and Pfizer) and the US National Institutes
of Health. These negotiations cover nine critical antiretroviral
medicines listed among the Pool's nineteen target drugs, as well as
several other medicines needed for the treatment of HIV in developing

The Pool has also been in dialogue with Tibotec/Johnson & Johnson and
Bristol-Myers Squibb and hopes that these companies soon decide to
come to the negotiating table as well. 

For regular updates on the Pool's negotiating status, see our website
here <http://www.medicinespatentpool.org/LICENSING/Company-Engagement>. 

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* Pool at upcoming events at the World Health Assembly and WIPO * 

The Pool's Executive Director Ellen 't Hoen will be speaking at an
event on the occasion of the World Health Organization's annual
decision-making World Health Assembly. Hosted by UNITAID, the
technical briefing on "Healthy markets for healthy people in
developing countries" will take place on 18 May from 18:00-20:00 in
the Palais des Nations Room VIII, Geneva. To register for the side
event, contact Ms Fabienne Maertens at maertensf at who.int. 

The Standing Committee on the Law of Patents (SCP) is WIPO's forum for
the discussion of international patent laws and norms. The Medicines
Patent Pool will host an event on the occasion of the SCP that will
bring together key public health and intellectual property
stakeholders for a technical briefing on how the Pool can best be of
assistance in addressing the HIV crises for affected member states.
The briefing will take place on 18 May, from 13:00 to 15:00 in the
WIPO building in Geneva, Switzerland. For more information on this
event see the Medicines Patent Pool website here

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* Pool launches most complete source of open access patent information
on HIV medicine * 

On 4 April, the Pool launched a patent status database for select HIV
medicines. A critical resource for public health professionals, the
patent status database is the most comprehensive source of
publicly-available information on key HIV-related intellectual
property in the world. It can be accessed here

Developed with the cooperation of WIPO, it will help shed light on
where key patents exist for antiretroviral drugs for the treatment of
HIV in developing countries. “Reliable patent status information is
often hard to come by, though it is essential to our work in
negotiating licences. After compiling this information with the aid of
WIPO, it was a logical next step to put it in the public domain where
it can be used and improved upon by others,” said Ellen ‘t Hoen,
executive director of the Pool at the databases' launch. For more on
the launch of this new tool, see the Pool's website here

*Pool welcomes new team member * 

The Medicines Patent Pool is pleased to welcome Sandeep Juneja to its
team as the new Business Development Director. Sandeep comes to the
Pool after more than 15 years of experience in the pharmaceutical
industry, including 6 years as the director of global business on HIV
& Malaria at Ranbaxy in New Delhi, India. 

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